[3D VIDEO] Heroine Versus Machine

[3D VIDEO] Heroine Versus Machine

[ Synopsis ]
An agent in a rubber suit gets captured and dominated by a machine
in this fully 3D CG animation video!

Huge volume / approx. 50 minutes!
For those who like lewd and slow sex!

[ Story ]
The year 20XX, a world-wide pandemic lead to the devastation of Japan.

The area that was once known as Tokyo had been taken over by the
"Aku Energy" company and was turned into a dystopia.

To gather data, the anti-Aku agent "Chloe" went undercover into the headquarters.

However, she fell for a trap set by Aku Energy and ended up being used as
a human experiment for their new pleasure torture device.

Chloe's mind began to deteriorate through daily repeated mechanical orgasms...

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You went to an abandoned hospital as a dare with your friends.
There you found an underground isolation ward.

However, you suddenly lose consciousness, and awake naked and tied up to a bed.
Maybe it's a prank that one of your buddies decided to play on you.

Suddenly, you hear footsteps that sound like a woman approaching you.
You thought it was one of your female friends, but you realize they were all wearing sneakers.
Something that looks to be a female creature approached you.
What fate awaits you...

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[3D VIDEO] 中出しアナル天文部

[3D VIDEO] 中出しアナル天文部

■ ストーリー ■

セックスフレンドって言うのかな? とにかく彼とは相性が良いのよね

「ねぇ、春輝はチョコ貰えそうなの? 」


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