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Bioshag Trinity

[3D VIDEO] Bioshag Trinity (Uncensored)

Bioshag Trinity

Bioshag Trinity

BioShag: Trinity stars all three incarnations of Bioshock: Infinite’s comely waifu Elizabeth, for 25 minutes of hardcore action.

Elizabeth from Columbia’s past and future are featured, as well as her alternate-reality persona from Burial at Sea. Compared to their previous works, Studio seems to have upped the ante for their newest flick, with an increased focus on small details and the backgrounds for each scene.

The first scenario opens with views of the underwater city of Rapture. In this noir themed vignette we find Elizabeth as she appeared in the Burial at Sea DLC for the original game; a sultry and seductive young lady who sharply contrasted with her persona in Infinite. The scene is rendered almost entirely in black and white, with the only real source of color being the red of Elizabeth’s lips. She goes to the office of Booker Dewitt to convince him to “find a girl” for her, although he seems to require a bit of convincing.

Three universes, three fantasies, one iconic heroine. See Elizabeth as you’ve never seen her before and embark on three sexy new adventures that span time and space, with unexpected outcomes!

Thank you to the supporters for making this movie possible, we hope we have made you guys happy!

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