You went to an abandoned hospital as a dare with your friends.
There you found an underground isolation ward.

However, you suddenly lose consciousness, and awake naked and tied up to a bed.
Maybe it's a prank that one of your buddies decided to play on you.

Suddenly, you hear footsteps that sound like a woman approaching you.
You thought it was one of your female friends, but you realize they were all wearing sneakers.
Something that looks to be a female creature approached you.
What fate awaits you...

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Angela-san no Oshiri ga Areba Koko wa Rakuen

(C88) [Ajisaidenden (Kawakami Rokkaku, Takanashi Rei)] Angela-san no Oshiri ga Areba Koko wa Rakuen (Rakuen Tsuihou - Expelled from Paradise) [Digital]
(C88) [アジサイデンデン (川上六角、小鳥遊レイ)] アンジェラさんがいればここは楽園 (楽園追放 -Expelled from Paradise-) [DL版]

105 MB | 34 pages | Japanese
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Doujins Batch 2020-07 #10

Doujins Batch 2020-07 #10

20 Doujins | 655 MB | Japanese

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[めがねちゃん (Megane-Chan)] 3D Artwork Collection (reup)

[めがねちゃん (Megane-Chan)] 3D Artwork Collection (reup)

Небольшая коллекция работ автора めがねちゃん (Megane-Chan).
В основном, по мотивам Kodomo no Jikan.

Genre: Lolicon, Flat Chest, Tanned, Swimsuit, Erotic, Slut, Group Sex, Bukkake, BlowJob, 3DCG, Ahegao.
Size: 240 Mb
235 pic.

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